Our Services


Filing lawsuits
Petitions on civil case, criminal case, labour case ,tax and bankruptcy case
Legal procedures on the execution and legal enforcement after the judgment.
Case investigation, fact finding and information checking to support our legal representation for our clients.

Corporate & Commercial Services

Formation of Local Company
Formation of Foreign Company/Office Subsidiary/Branch
Factory License
General Company Secretarial Works
Contracts & Agreements
Investment in Thailand
Accounting / Auditing Services
Special Audits and Investigations
Review of Company Accounting and Internal Cost Recording Systems
Monthly and Yearly Bookkeeping
Preparation of Company Accounts, Balance Sheets and Ledgers
Tax ID Card & VAT Application
Strategic Tax Planing and Compliances

Labour Services

Employment Contracts
Work Permit
Employment Disputes
Employer-Employee Disputes
Social Security Fund Registration

Immigration Services

Non-Immigrant Visa
One-Year Visa
Retirement Visa
Marriage Visa
Extension of Stay
Overstay Clearance
Permanent Residence
Dependent Visa

Private Client Services

Marriage / Divorce / Pre-Marriage Agreement
Wills / Estate Administration
Property Conveyances & Title Registration
Driving License
Property Services
Intellectual Property Services

Intellectual Property Services

Trademark Registration
Patent Registration

Property Purchase Services

Purchasing Comdominium
Purchasing Land & House
Leasing Condominium
Leasing Land & House
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